The Comprehensive Development Plan (“CDP” or “Plan”) is the state-mandated principal document outlining the City of Rehoboth Beach’s goals and policies regarding future growth and management of resources. The CDP provides the policy framework for making choices about growth, change and preservation.   The Plan has “the force of law and no development shall be permitted except as consistent with” the Plan.  For this reason, the Plan is the basis for government decision-making and will guide the public and private sectors toward beneficial activities affecting people and land. We are including the CDP here so that all citizens will be aware of the fundamental background against which decisions are made. The Plan makes recommendations in such areas as:

  • the oceanfront, inland bays, lakes and waterways, including sewer and water use
  • Rehoboth’s parks and landscapes, including trees, plantings, parks and recreation areas
  • access for people and cars, including traffic management, accommodation of pedestrians, and bicyclists
  • Rehoboth’s built environment, including community design and residential/commercial land uses, and 
  • growth management/development controls, including city growth management, annexation and capital improvement

In each area, the Plan recommends specific actions to be taken by the City Commissioners to implement a development strategy, which will fulfill the vision. As required by the State of Delaware, every 10 years, the City Planning Commission drafts updates and revisions to the Plan which are presented to the City Commissioners for adoption – and for ultimate certification by the State; and every 5 years, the City Planning Commission must review the Plan to make sure it is still relevant. The CDP was last adopted by the City Commissioners and certified by the State in 2010 after many public meetings held by the Planning Commission and the City Commissioners.  In 2015, the Planning Commission reviewed the 2010 Plan and, after many public meetings, it issued a report, which was approved by the Delaware Office of State Planning Coordination in December 2015.

2015 CDP Update

CDP Executive Summary

CDP - Full Version