The City of Rehoboth Beach is always looking for ways to better engage with citizens in the community. They are doing just that with the launch of Envision Rehoboth Beach, implemented on the MindMixer platform. The system allows residents to actively and easily submit ideas, comments, suggestions, questions, and observations on city-related topics. “Envision Rehoboth Beach is a way for the community to interact,” said City Manager Sharon Lynn. “We can carry on dialogues, talk about ideas, share impressions and open up new topics of conversation. It’s like an informal town hall meeting conducted online. Topics of high value to the city administration take a top priority. Once introduced, the topic forms the basis for questions, comments, and other input. Discussion with other contributors and city officials creates a lively and productive marketplace of ideas. When it comes to communication, I’m a great believer that more is more! Envision Rehoboth Beach is yet another door that will open up a dialogue with constituents and welcome civic engagement.”

Once the ideas and comments are submitted, they are listed on an activity page. On that page, participants can rate, sort and add their comments to the discussion. Other features offered on Envision Rehoboth Beach are surveys, a rating of ideas, photos and other interactive activities. To participate, citizens are required to create a profile and use that identity when involved in discussions. For more information visit You can also access Envision Rehoboth Beach on the City of Rehoboth Beach website at

Topics change every 30 days. Current topics for September, 2018 are:

  • What transportation options do you think our community needs more of?

  • What is your vision for a greener community?

  • What are the benefits of parks in our community?